Established is not too distant past the cheese factor has made its way into the heart of pizza lovers nationwide. A solid commitment to brand development has meant that TCF has a flagship outlet in Islamabad. TCF has been tantalizing millions of Pakistani taste buds and is the pioneer of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Our crust as described by our consumers is the best pizza crust that they ever had in Pakistan. It is light, thin and incredibly crispy with a 1.9 inches of unadulterated Pizza filling. Our pizza sauce sits beautifully baked at the bottom and on the top of the pizza which is tastefully engineered at home and blended to perfection.


Our signature line is for hungry jacks. Introduced for the first time in Pakistan by The Cheese Factor. Our secret sauce at top loaded with your favorite fillings will definitely satisfy your hunger pangs.

Hand-tossed, consisting in its basic form of a light layer of tomato sauce and genuine Mozzarella cheese; additional toppings are placed atop the cheese.

This classic Italian recipe with a killer crusty base and beautiful meaty toppings make the perfect pizza!

Our cheesy and delectable sidelines include Chicken Cheesy strips, Mozzarella sticks and more. The mouth watering essence of sidelines is the key to the secret recipe.

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    I have simply one word to describe my experience with them i.e. 'Awesome' Just had their Chicago Style Deep Pan Pizza and it was spot on, worth the value for money. It was extremely delicious and had a hearty content of chicken and cheese. Everyone who shared the pizza with me loved it. Thumbs up and five stars from me.

    Sarmad Hassan Sharif, London

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    Dropped in to this place on recent travels and what a brilliant gem. Reminded me of Deep Dish pizza I had in Chicago. Service was on point and I ended up getting a take away for rest of my family also. Next store in London perhaps?

    Fahad Mahmood, Islamabad

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    You might end up waiting a while for your order, but the pizza turns out to be absolutely scrumptious! My new favourite pizza place.

    Faiqah Mumtaz, Islamabad

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    Oh Wow best in town!!...the pizzas are heavenly...the Chicago deep dish pizza is the best pizza I've ever had in Pakistan....and I mean it’s better than Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Dominos all put together...the quality and thickness of the pizza is unreal, without a sick after taste. We also had the Margarita in thin crust, the herbs and sauce reminded me of the Mediterranean pizzas I had. Congrats on your great effort. And even my 10 yr old son said, this is the first pizza which is actually giving you the quality and product they claim on the menu. Keep it up.

    Asma Shahzad, Islamabad

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    Received my oven hot pizza from "the cheese factor" and wow its a must try pizza . Probably one of the best in town. Highly recommended and absolutely worth the money I paid for. Great work team cheese factor; keep it up

    Muhammad Mohsin, Blue Area

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    I am so glad I went to cheese factor upon my visit to was truly the highlight of the trip for me. I went there for a friend's birthday and the staff were just amazing. The owners were very polite and friendly and made our evening a memorable one. 
    I will definitely go back....I can't get enough of that good stuff. I am in Love

    Amna Gul, Rawalpindi

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    The best pizza I have ever had .You guys have beaten out all other pizza joints of Islamabad .Tried the deep pan pizza it was soo damn filling and juicy just loved it .Keep up the good work.

    Shayan Mobin Khan, Lahore

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    There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap and after having a pizza from Cheese Factor the feeling is like wow...! You guys have nailed it.... One of the best pizza's ever... Loved it! All the best, keep up the standard!

    Khizer Jawed, Karachi

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